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The Complete Guide to Landing a Dream Job Teaching in China

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Comprehensive Information About China

WikiTravel China (a very thorough guide to all things China)

Lonely Planet Guide to China

Fodor’s Guide to China

The U.S. Embassy’s Guide to Teaching English in China (a great overall introduction)

Choosing a Location

Wikipedia List of Chinese Cities (a comprehensive list of major Chinese cities by population)

General Information on Cities and Provinces

Chinese Cities Listed by Tier (1st – 5th tier)

The Best Cities in China to Teach in (According to the person who wrote this!)

10 Most Livable Cities in China

10 Chinese Cities With the Best Air Quality

Top 16 Chinese Cities for Air Quality

10 Most Popular Chinese Cities for Expats

Map of China – Includes City & Province Maps

Map of China (Very Detailed and Close-up)

Climate Map (Simple)

Climate Maps (Detailed)

Air Quality Check for Individual Cities

Finding Schools

Wikipedia’s List of Chinese Universities

A Long List of Chinese Universities

The Chinese Ministry of Education’s List of 2000+ Colleges & Universities

Top 100 Universities in China (Official Rankings)

Project 211 Universities (schools which get extra funding)

School Blacklist – The China Foreign Teacher’s Union

The Visa Process

The Chinese Embassy in the US’s Guide to the Visa Process (See the Z Visa)

The China Visa Application Service Center – (The starting point in the visa process for people from certain countries. If your country is listed in the drop down list on this site, you begin here)

US Map for Finding Your Consulate

Visa HQ Visa Agency (the only visa service agency I’ve used – they did a good job for me, are reputable and based in many different countries worldwide)

Important Things to Bring to China

Nutribiotic Defenseplus Tablets – An absolute savior!  Without this your stomach will have a very rough and uncomfortable first few weeks or months in China.  If you take this, you will have few if any stomach issues.  Very highly recommended!

Maximum GSE Liquid Concentrate – This will ensure you are using clean water.  A little goes a very long way in purifying water.

Useful Links – Before Leaving For China

Trawick International Medical InsuranceTrawick International’s Safe Travels International Medical Insurance – This is what I chose for my family after extensive research.  It’s the best deal we found and they’ve been awesome whenever we needed them.  The “Safe Travels International” plan is a primary insurance and would be appropriate if you have no other insurance.  But if your school will provide you with some local coverage then you’d instead want the “Safe Travels International Cost Saver” plan which will protect you if you travel to other cities and countries or if medical bills exceed your employer provided coverage.

No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards

CDC – Health Info & Vaccines for China

Skyscanner (great for comparing international flight prices)

Kayak (another good site for international flights)

Chinese RMB (currency) exchange rate

Tefl Course Reviews

Websites Blocked in China

AVG Antivirus (Free download, Homepage or get our Exclusive Deal: Save 10% on AVG Internet Security 1 PC 1 Year License. ) and Malwarebytes to protect your computer – their free services work fine, but require you to remember to regularly do checks yourself and may not be as robust as their paid packages.

Recommended VPNs for China

ExpressVPN Offer China Dream JobSpecial Discount Offer: Purchase Express VPN through clicking on the image to the left and receive a 35% discount and 30 day money back guarantee. Most of the people and businesses I know in China use Express and I’ve heard only positive things.  Highly recommended! (Update May 2017 – I now use ExpressVPN, it is the only one of the 3 here that functions smoothly)

Astrill VPN Offer China Dream Job I use Astrill and have always been happy with them.  I chose them before Express was on the scene.  If I ever change, I’d probably use Express. (Update May 2017 – I switched to ExpressVPN because it is working much better in China now)

Useful Sites in China (the largest online shopping site – terrific beware of counterfeit items) (Taobao’s main competitor – known for not allowing fakes to be sold) (Great for books and a random imported things – Can use it in English, sort of) (A great place to book hotels in China – This links to their English site)

Ctrip – (Book hotels and flights in China)

12306 (The Chinese government’s site for buying train tickets – Just an FYI, they will save your personal info)

Resources for Learning Mandarin Chinese

Rocket Chinese – The award winning system – A comprehensive system for those who want to get awesome Chinese.

Pleco Dictionary – (iTunesAndroidKindle) The only Chinese dictionary you’ll ever need.

Skritter – The best way to learn to write Chinese characters online or on your phone

Crash Course Chinese: 500+ Survival Phrases to Talk Like a Local

Golden Chinese: Conversational Mandarin for Beginner-Intermediate – (5 Stars on Amazon!)

Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar: A Practical Guide – (The Highest Rated Chinese Grammar Book)

Tuttle Learning Chinese Characters: A Revolutionary New Way to Learn and Remember the 800 Most Basic Chinese Characters

Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series – The Most Interesting Way to Learn to Read Chinese

Dirty Chinese: Everyday Slang from “What’s Up?” to “F*%# Off!” (Dirty Everyday Slang) – For Those Who Really Want to Go Native

Pimleur Chinese – Good for pronunciation

ChinesePod – Podcasts and more

The Chairman’s Bao – A simplified Chinese newspaper written for those learning Mandarin

Popup Chinese – A spectacular resource full of podcasts, videos and news

FSI Mandarin Chinese – The Foreign Service’s Mandarin training program.  Outdated but free and still an incredible resource

Coursera – Lots of free courses on the language, culture, history, etc. of China – A great guide for understanding the Chinese phonetic system of pinyin

Anki – a program which makes remembering things easier

Hello Talk – An amazing app which connects you with language partners

Wechat – A must have while living in China because everyone uses it! – China’s version of Whatsapp

Resources for Teaching ESL (English as a Second Language)

Dave’s ESL Cafe Idea Cookbook – tons of ideas for the classroom

Riddles for Kids – Always a fun challenge

Free Printable ESL Worksheets

IE Languages Free ESL Lesson Plans Free Lesson Plans’s ESL Lesson Plans

A List of 30 Free Online Resources for Teaching ESL

Do’s and Don’ts for Teaching ESL – excellent advice for new ESL teachers

40 Icebreakers for Small Groups

ESL Icebreaker Activities

27 ESL Games for Large Classes

Ways to Motivate Chinese Students to Speak in Class

Conversation Question for the ESL Classroom – a massive list of questions and topics to facilitate discussion

Words to Describe – A terrific and useful resource for helping students find the right descriptive words.

Positive Words List – A very well curated collection of positive words, including lists such as positive words to describe someone.

Chinese Culture

Travel China Guide – Guide to Chinese Culture

China Highlights – Chinese Culture Guide

Do’s and Don’ts in China

Chinese Culture, Etiquette & Protocol

Chinese Dining Etiquette (Wikipedia)

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